Net Metering

What is net metering?

NetMetering is a program approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission to allow customers to install solar panels within their premises. It is designed to help you lower your electricity bills by allowing you to export unused or excess electricity generated from your solar panels back to Meralco.

Process and requirements for net metering application.

Net metering requirements are varies depending on you distribution utility and/or LGU.

We are going to give you a walk through on how to apply for a net metering.

Once you have installed your Solar Power system, do visit your distribution utility office and ask for the requirements. The usual requirements of DU are the following.

  1. Copy of Electric bill – they need this to check if the applicant are with good standing.
  2. Applicant ID
  3. ERC COC -Forms will be provided by DU
  4. Plant Parameters – Forms will be provided by DU
  5. Letter of Intent
  6. Certificate of RE Equipment’s
  7. Other attachment as per Plant parameter requirements

These are the basic documents you need to provide to the DU. COC and Plant parameter must be filled and completed according to your RE specification.

When all of the above requirements were completed and forwarded to your DU, they will then schedule for Inspection and issue a yellow card. On that yellow card, they will state if the Applicant needs to remodel its Service Entrance. Once Yellow card are issued you will then go to your LGU to apply for CFEI or Certificate of Final Electrical Installation. You need also to secure payment for DIS (Distribution Impact Study) 1900php(for DIS1)

LGU Requirements

  1. RE Electrical Plan Blue print with sign and sealed by PEE
  2. CFEI Form – form will be provided by LGU
  3. Structural/Civil Inspection Certificate
  4. Barrangay Certificate
  5. Applicant ID
  6. Cedula
  7. Tax Declaration

Once these requirements are complete, they will then schedule for Site Inspection. Once approved, CEI and CFEI will be issued.

Submit the CFEI to Meralco Engineering office and they will schedule for Meter replacement and system testing.

They will test the following:

  1. Service disconnect off – testing will ensure that now power will feed back to DU during power cut off.
  2. Service Disconnect On – testing will determine the power on delay of the system, the system must connect to grid after 10 minutes (new regulation)
  3. Visual check of all connection from service disconnect to Solar power system

If the testing Engineer satisfy with the system, they will give you the net metering agreement to be signed and notarized. Then you have to pay the 1500php (Manager’s Check) for ERC application. Once ERC approved you application, Meralco will inform you for the first Net Metering reading.

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